Setting up your domains on the VPS

Login to the vps control panel
-Click on the DNS Tab
-Click Add new zone
-Enter in your domain without WWW (e.g. domain.com)
-Enter in your VPS’s ip address for the web address
-If your vps is also severing your email, enter in your vpses ip address for the mail server or enter in your mail servers ip address.
-Click save.

Contact your domain registrar to have the nameservers updated to:


What if I want to use my custom name servers ?

You will need to get the custom name servers i.e: ns1.yourdomainname.com and ns2.yourdomainname.com registered with your domain registrar, to the IP of your VPS

ns1.yourdomainname.com : IP of your VPS
ns2.yourdomainname.com : IP of your VPS

After this information has been registered, you name server shall become usable. You will need to ensure that you have registered the above as name servers itself.