About Us

Our Company
RailsPlayground is an advanced hosting provider geared toward developers. RailsPlayground believes in providing the absolute best service possible to its customers. RailsPlayground has been in business since 2005 and was one of the first rails specific hosting companies. RailsPlayground is service owned and operated by Hosting Playground Inc. which is a privately owned Myrtle Beach, South Carolina corporation.

You may email RailsPlayground at support@railsplayground.com. If you have a sales question, you may call our sales line at 1-800-603-4125 (M-F 9am-10pm EDT). A trained expert will help you determine the best plan to fit your needs.

Our Staff
RailsPlayground offers a true 24/7 help desk staffed by Level Two and above Linux/Rails deployment experts who all have received higher education and/or Linux certifications.

Our Servers
We only use high end, enterprise level hardware to ensure the best performance for our users. Our latest servers feature Quad Core Xeon processors with 4 GB of RAM and Raptor 10k RAID 5 protected hard drives. We use advanced backup technology from r1soft which we use to perform nightly byte level backups that allows for servers to be restored to their exact state when the backup was taken.

Our Datacenters
Our Dallas datacenter is housed in the INFORMAT Telecom hotel near downtown Dallas, TX. It features, 6000 amps 480v Input Power, 6×750Kva UPS Battery Backup Units, 3×2000Kw Diesel Generator with Onsite Fuel Storage, Redundant Liebert 30 Ton HVAC Units, Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression, Proximity Security Badge Access, and Digital Security Video Surveillance. This datacenter is staffed 24/7 with datacenter engineers capable of solving hardware and network issues.
Our secondary datacenter is located in the Time Warner Telecom’s Portland, Oregon facilities. This datacenter features redundant power, fire protection, and digital security. The Time Warner datacenter is staffed 24/7 with datacenter engineers capable of solving hardware and network issues. This datacenters features premium bandwidth provided by the Tier-I Time Warner backbone.

Our Network
Our Cisco driven redundant network at our Dallas, TX datacenter offers carrier grade Internet connectivity to multi-home backbone carriers: Above.net, SAVVIS, Level3, Intermap, Global Crossing and Verio. This network is capable of gigabit speeds from the server to the Internet and includes network IDS, IPS, and DDOS mitigation services. We are connected to this network using 100mbps ports.

All critical services/ports are monitored 24/7 to maintain continuous uptime.